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Coming Soon : First All-Electric leak tester saves a fortune in wasted air!

You probably already know that pneumatic power is the most energy-wasteful of all forms of motive power, and that's not counting the cost of air leaks! By replacing air cylinders with electrical solenoids we've not only cut the wasted energy, the overall reliability is increased as there are no valves, pressure regulators, leaking pipes and the other pneumatics paraphernalia. If you are already convinced by the arguments for all-electric blow moulding machines, then you'll know this new tester represents a significant advance in technology.


The Advanced Deformable Die Ring System

It seems like only yesterday we launched our 3DX system and after a very steep learning curve we can now confidently offer our system for virtually any type of blow moulding machine.

Our focus on making improvements to the original PWDS particularly by developing integrated electronics has given us an excellent response from many of the world's leading machine manufacturers.


Unique New Leak Tester for 1000 litre 'IBC' containers

The bigger the container, the longer the test time you need to find small holes - It's the law of Physics. The problem is that IBC assembly lines (fitting the valve, placing container in cage etc.) is a lot faster than the blow moulding process. Multi-heading is the classic solution for obtaining longer test times, but a 6 head IBC tester is a monster!

Introducing 'The Button', A leak tester that travels with the IBC. Attached to the container, it monitors the test pressure for any test time, 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day. The Button is removed at the end of the test time and placed on another IBC


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