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Plastic bottle, PC, PET bottle, PVC, HDPE, PE+LDPE and LLDPE Spin Trimmers
The right spin trimmer for the right applications.

We have made hundreds of spin trimmers over the years and the experience gained has enabled us to recommend exactly the right spin trimmer for the application be they a humble plastic bottle spin trimmer or something more exotic. For example, PC, PET, PVC, HDPE, PE+LDPE and LLDPE each have their own special spin trimming characteristics and generally, moulding's produced from Amorphous materials are much more difficult to spin trim than crystalline materials.

Blow Moulding Controls Limited at the cutting edge

We can also offer special knife materials on our spin trimmers, such as Ceramic for polymers filled with abrasive materials. Our new Titanium coated blade based spin trimmers outlast our competitors' standard steel by a factor of 30 times.

Is our new SPT-3000 Spin Trimmer the only system that meets CE ?...

Spin trimmerOn our spin trimmers the safety doors remain locked until the hot knife is safely retracted inside its shroud - other trimmers leave this knife exposed while the operator struggles to remove a jammed bottle.  Actually with our spin trimmer systems, you would rarely need to open the safety guard on our trimmer as all the knife positions are sensibly adjustable from outside the guard.

Society of Plastics Industries (SPI) standards

We recommend that whenever possible the lost head design should follow the Society of Plastics Industries (SPI) standards, but we can produce spin trimmers for almost any style of neck finish.

Good Quality Control = Profitability = Happy customers

  • Make a container too heavy and  you are giving away plastic reducing profit.
  • If you make the container too light, they might get rejected and you will lose profit
  • Make the container too heavy and it's filled to a gross weight, the company filling it may be sued for insufficient product, causing a back-charged, and again  your profitability will be effected.
  • A container that is too light and splits may give rise to a charged for the clean up losing profit
  • Dissatisfied customer lose patience and  you will lose the account.

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